Pink-Pong Logo Relaunch

Hey everyone, you might noticed that we relaunched our logo and that’s just why we are thinking that the new one is better fitting to our movement and philosophy. It’s kind of minimal and 80ies at the same time. We play with the two p’s to let them look like table tennis bats. Yes, Pink-Pong is like a sports-club – the team-members are our artists and we like to play a lot lot!!! The logo can be used in all color patterns and is really flexible in big and small usage. Hope you’ll like it as much as we do? – Yours, the Team.

Btw: It can be firstly seen on our Blue-Night Posters on the streets or in the sidebar’s ‘latest news’ box. Make sure to save the date and watch how ‘Schluck den Druck’ will destroy the Lovelite at the 30th of january!


  1. rodriquez

    nicccccceeeeeee – want to play in your team ;)

  2. paulina

    awsome. i like it a lot!

  3. I like!

  4. btw, it would be great, if the logo on top would be clickable and lead to the frontpage. :)

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