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Man FM

Heyhey Pink-Pongs,

Radio killed the podcast star! Well, kind of: me and the Man Recordings crew decided to relaunch the Man Recordings podcast Man FM and thats how I, Tim Turbo, turned anchorman and moderator (no hateration ’bout my spoken englisch, folks), the podcast got itself some real radio show swagger and we will dedicate every show to an upcoming Man Recordings release from now on. This means exclusive first listens to all new Man Recordings releases, Interviews with all the Artists, DJ mixes by special guests plus brand new tracks and classics that inspire me and the crew. Man FM is the access to selected Man Recordings content!

This month’s guests are DJ Beware and Motorpitch, presenting their upcoming EP entitled “El Toro”, talking ’bout all the key facts in an interview, give an exclusive listen to the tracks and a premium DJ mix. Tim Turbo does radio, welcome to a brand new Man FM.

Download: Man Recordings presents: Man FM 002 – El Toro

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