love with the sexinvaders #4

this time it´s going to be a special love with the sexinvaders, becuz we are going to do a mixture between showing you a track that we love and promoting one of our friends. our mate and pink-pong act pablo decoder is going to release his new single “echoes in my head” on alex gophers label go4music in a few days. release date is 26th of april. the release comes along with remixes by alex gopher, ed banger´s viscarious bliss and by us – the sexinvaders. we are proud to offer you alex´s remix in highres for free. maybe you can find a place in your heart for this remix too?

if you wanna see pablo djing come to his gig in hamburg today or even better: party with the whole pink-pong crew at green night at lovelight!

pablo decoder and tim healey – echoes in my head (alex gopher remix)

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