stereo tam tam will be drunk with us

after gigs in munich, vienna and warsaw we´ve finally made it happen: the two guys from stereo tam tam (facebook / website) are going to play their first show in berlin. we love these boys not only becuz for their great drinking skills, but also becuz they are very gifted in music.
both of them are great skilled djs and awesome drummers since more than ten years. they are friends since babydays so it´s really surprising why they started the project stereo tam tam so late. they started not even one year ago. do not miss them – they are 100% worth being seen! trust us.

if you do not like drummer & dj performing together on stage, don´t worry. there are even more reasons to come to this party. there are two floors. so you´ve got the the agony of choice. you can always choose between a great and a even better dj…

MINT NIGHT AT LOVELITE (facebook event)

club floor:
01.00 marvin suggs
02.00 prozac polka
03.00 tony casanova
04.00 lenz
05.00 glideside

stage floor:
23.00 axle
01.00 batman & robin
02.00 stereo tam tam live
03.00 solvane
04.00 get wet!
05.00 holy scamp
06.00 fucurdisco

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