Neukölln wegbassen!

When it comes to intellectuals, there are always some ineradicable stereotypes, like “they can’t do burnouts” or “they know nothing about a decent car stereo.”
And when it comes to Berlin party-goers, they seem to be always in for a good punch into their stomach. Not necessarily by some adolescent troubleseekers, lurking around at metro stations, but by a good bass frequency.

This is maybe, what the guys of Heavy Listening might have thought when they came up with their project, Tiefdruckgebiet, taking twelve cars, equipped with monstrous subwoofers and doing a little bass parade through the heart of Neukölln, aiming to let the city shake by some really low bass frequencies.
If you want to be a part of this madness, all you have to do is coming to Schillerpromenade on June 19th, 3 PM.
More information can be found on Heavy Listening’s homepage or at their facebook page.

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