Ping-Pong With Pink-Pong And Fukkk Offf

fukkk offf is not only a 4-(ormaybemore)-letterword! fukkk offf is also an awesome producer and the headliner of the party at gretchen berlin tomorrow (friday 28th of ocotber). maybe you know him from tracks like “rave is king” or “love me hate me kiss me kill me”? but he is much more than his known hits. he is a realy nice guy! and if you want to find out more about this nice guy and his personal point of view on certain topics check out this interview of our series: “pink-pong with pink-pong”. as we already told you the last time: these question are not revolutionary, but these are six well chosen questions to show our readers who this guy is and what he wants.

#1 – the standard question: why did you choose this name as your artist name?
the name FUKKK OFFF came up very quickly in 2006 after i had new tracks which i didn´t want to release under my normal name because it was a complete different style. looking back now even the name sounds a bit ridiculous. i think it was a good decision because it fits quite well with the sound and it is easy to remember.

#2 – the musical background question: when and why did you start with music?
i started with electronic music in 1994 with amiga protracker because i was fascinated by being able to produce a whole track just with a computer.
of course it sounded very shitty back then but i never could effort real hardware. so i´m very happy with the actual development of producing all in the box.

#3 – drastic live experience: what was the best live experience, what was the worst?
the nocturnal festival in texas in february 2011 was overwhelming regarding the amount of people. but usually i prefer the smaller clubs because of the vibe.
the worst was probably when i had to stop playing due to a drive by shooting infront of the club in LA…

#4 – artists to love and to forget: who ist he most overated artist at the the moment and who is the most underrated artist?
i´m not really into the actual dj scene but i think most of the big names and perhaps even more “commercial” djs deserve their success somehow and it´s stupid to hate them.
of course there are a lot of underrated artists and it seems with the mass of producers nowadays it´s getting harder and harder to get yourself known. i think if you come up with something fresh and unique it will pay off sooner or later.

#5 – future music: what is your idea of the sound for the dancefloors in the future? is there anything revolutionary to come in the near future?
i´m always interested and exited about the latest technologies and the resulting sounds even though i still love vinyl dj´s and 909/303 producers.
nowadays everybody is theoretically able to produce a good sound so it´s just a question of creativity to stand out from the masses. so i think there will always be exiting new music in the future!

#6 – your future: what´s happening with you in the next months?
i just finished a new ep for citizen records and i´m very motivated to produce more new stuff at the moment. and then of course touring, touring, touring!

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