Ping-Pong With Pink-Pong And Malente

malente is a small town in northern germany (map). that´s it. that´s it? no. there are way more people who connect malente with a dj, producer and labelowner and not with a small town. the allrounder malente is in this biz since ages and he is realy good in what he is doing. we don´t have enough space to write down his biography. but if you want to find out more about his personal point of view on certain topics check out this interview of our series: “pink-pong with pink-pong”. as we already told you the last time: these question are not revolutionary, but these are six well choosen questions to show our readers who this guy is and what he wants.

but at first we need six facts before we start the six questions:
artistname: malente
since: 1999
hometown: malente
labels: fool’s gold, dim mak, southern fried, no brainer,

#1 – the standard question: why did you choose this name as your artist name?

my first ep was ready to be pressed to vinyl in 1999. so the music was there, but i still had to come up with an artist name. i waited till the last minute. in the end it came down to either malente or polen, but i chose malente as i felt a closer relationship with that name. no wonder as it is the town i was born in the north of germany.

#2 – the musical background question: when and why did you start with music?

i started listening to music ever since i can remember. the radio was like a brother to me. luckily that was the time when there was some kind of radio programming and you wouldn’t always listen to only the same 20 songs per day. i recorded my favourite shows and tracks via tapedeck, then cut the best parts out of tracks with pause botton, started buying vinyl doing the same. at a certain point me and my best friends from school started singing and rapping over these sound collages … that must have been when i started to make music. my first released record was in 1997 though.

#3 – drastic live experience: what was the best live experience, what was the worst?
we only did Malente live shows once. that was like 3-4 years ago for a festival circuit in australia. fun. jumping around on stage and singing. i dig it, but nowadays to earn a living with that you gotta be the prodigy. other alternative you use ableton for your dj-set and just call it live. i’m not a fan of that though…

#4 – artists to love and to forget: who ist he most overated artist at the the moment and who is the most underrated artist?

falco was dope for sure, depeche mode for their whole body of work. overrated would be almost 90% you find in the charts right now. sometimes i’m glad i don’t even know who commited these musical crimes. i was shocked though when i heard dieter bohlen managed to sell 180 million of the records he wrote and produced whereas depeche mode only sold 80 million. then again, what does sales say about the quality of music – surely not too much.

#5 – future music: what is your idea of the sound for the dancefloors in the future? is there anything revolutionary to come in the near future?

i hope so, otherwise music would get boring and i’d lose interest. interestingly enough that never happened until today. in fact music has the ability to change so quickly and is filled with ideas to a degree that to me it continuously manages to be revolutionary. politics for example don’t seem to have that ability.

#6 – your future: what´s happening with you in the next months?

i just released a new single with zero cash on my own label no brainer records. you should check the video of “i’ll be there” (below this interview), it’s directed by zero cash himself and a mindblowing special efx trip through a machinary world. at the end of this year i’ll be dropping a more housy single together with treasure fingers on a huge label. due to not having signed that deal 100% i can’t tell you which, but keep your eyes open! and i’ll be working on some great releases for swick, slap in the bass and newcomers from italy called say dubai on my label. go check for everything about the label.


  1. und am 10 Dec 2011 directly in berlin @ mikz :)

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