Ping-Pong With Pink-Pong And Lars Moston

it started almost 2 decades ago when he discovered his passion for sample experiments and club sounds. now lars moston, a british-german dj and producer, enters the club charts frequently with tracks like “too much party time” or “organik”. he has been big in the game as the duo moston & malente as well but tonight (saturday the 17th of december) he will be djing at dumme jungs at gretchen berlin as solo artist. and if you want to find out more about his personal point of view on certain topics check out this interview of our series: “pink-pong with pink-pong”. as we already told you the last time: these question are not revolutionary, but these are six well choosen questions to show our readers who this guy is and what he wants.

#1 – the standard question: why did you choose this name as your artist name?

well, that’s an easy one… it’s my name!

#2 – the musical background question: when and why did you start with music?
i started messing around with the octamed tracker on my amiga at a young age around 1992. i got an 8bit sampler thing for it and would spend days sampling random stuff off TV or any sources i could get my hands on and would make very silly tracks with those sounds. I got into djing around 94/95 and that made those early sample experiments go more in the direction of club tracks.

#3 – drastic live experience: what was the best live experience, what was the worst?

there have been many highlights. one of my favourite memories is playing at fusion festival alongside malente. it was in the afternoon and when we started there was just a handfull of people playing football. within the first hour there was something like 2000 people going crazy in the heat. the fire brigade helped out too, cooling off the crowd with a hose. of course there has been shitty gigs too, but I prefer not to remember those. i had a very unpleasant moment in kiev once when I took a big swig of methylated spirits from what looked like a bunch of water bottles stacked under the dj table…yum.

#4 – artists to love and to forget: who ist he most overated artist at the the moment and who is the most underrated artist?
i don’t like to point fingers, but I suppose anyone who got big just by using their status as a rich promoter or something like that, rather than musical talent, would have to be called overrated.

there are many underrated artists of course and the competition is huge now that anyone can get the tools needed for producing pretty much for free. but in most cases, anyone who makes really fantastic music will get heard one way or the other.

#5 – future music: what is your idea of the sound for the dancefloors in the future? is there anything revolutionary to come in the near future?
i don’t see any huge revolutions happening just yet. maybe at some point new technology will spark off something truly revolutionary. for now, i am enjoying the trend of many artists getting more housey and tracks getting a bit slower and more musical. the ravey thing was great fun for a while too, but there is much more interesting stuff out there now i feel. i hope more clubs will get their priorities right in future, meaning a really good sound system, without which a lot of these interesting tracks simply don’t work on the dancefloor.

#6 – your future: what´s happening with you in the next months?
i am currently working on my next solo ep for no brainer records as well as new tracks with malente, ben mono and teenage mutants. there are a couple of remixes coming out very soon as well, for dro & lodzy from france, smalltown djs from canada and for teenage mutants (coming out on moveltraxx, one of my favourite labels).

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