Ping-Pong With Pink-Pong And Ben Mono

bit-hop – a perfect symbiosis of stripped down hiphop and booming electro that the player and producer ben mono knows how to create. he gains his constructiveness from many different social and musical experiences because this guy is a man, who has seen the world! he likes it dangerous and attracts adventures such as being attacked by an organ trading taxi driver in argentina.
and if you want to find out more about this nice bod and his personal point of view on certain topics check out this interview of our series: “pink-pong with pink-pong”. as we already told you the last time: these question are not revolutionary, but these are six well chosen questions to show our readers who this guy is and what he wants.

artistname: ben mono
since: 2000
hometown: berlin
music style: eclectic exocism

#1 – the standard question: why did you choose this name as your artist name?

ben mono just sounded too good for not to be chosen and by having mono in my name i am reminding myself not to overproduce everything.
p.s. did you know that “mono” stands for weed in the philippines?

#2 – the musical background question: when and why did you start with music?

my mum gave me a cello at the age of 7 as i was still too short for a doublebass, but i already knew that bass would define my existence forever. for a while i thought that i could reinvent music, luckily enough for everyone involved i´ve given up on that.

studying classical music – later understanding that i am not made for that kind of music – and moving from socially accepted live music to more egocentric electro just was the logical next step.

#3 – drastic live experience: what was the best live experience, what was the worst?

exposing the world to bit-hop for the first time at the sonar festival 2005 was definitely one of my personal highlights. the fact that my powerbook wouldn’t boot for 10 minutes before that gig made me aging at least 10 years in split seconds.

#4 – artists to love and to forget: who ist the most overated artist at the the moment and who is the most underrated artist?

hmmm, that´s a tough one but i could never deal with xavier naidoo´s rumgweine, dude get retired please.

… and i personally think that skrillex is totally underrated. just because some old senile producers can´t compete with him energywise doesn’t mean that he did not create his own sound – and he is definitely not a thousand times as boring as all those guys out there who think they know better but bore everybody with their “deephouse excursions for wine-connaisseurs”.

#5 – future music: what is your idea of the sound of the dancefloors in the future? is there anything revolutionary to come in the near future?

kraut hop is coming on strong. no wave meets rap – that´s the sh*t.

#6 – your future: what´s happening with you in the next months?

just working on a release with strip steve which will probably be out on boys noize rec.
the new release with lars moston is almost done, there are tons of new remixes about to be released and we are just finalizing the new munk album here in berlin.

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