Ante Perry & Kolombo – Completely Positive

Hey there, it’s futuristic space disco time – so don’t miss this flight! The german prolific producer Ante Perry and the retro king Kolombo are sitting at the steering wheel while we are the fellow passengers on pumping bass effective seats. Their brandnew single “Completely Positive“, that has been released on This Is Recordings on march 12, will take you on a bass heavy journey and after listening to the original track you will feel just as the vocals say: “There’s a new me coming out!

Ante Perry & Kolombo – Completely Positive (Original Mix) [This Is] from Ante Perry on Vimeo.

The housy feeling continues with Walker & Royce‘s remix that conveys a strong sense of 80′s vibes. It reminds you of former New York City club days with a bouncing disco-ball groove. These are pretty floating retro tunes that invites you to dig your shoulder pads and permanent waves up again!

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