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“Dance dance dance ’til you’re dead”…as the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s from NYC would sing and a whizz kid from Brighton took that almost literally by naming himself Deadboy and creating toxic garage-riddims and yearning funky-beats. So there ain’t no stopping for your feet this saturday (05.05.12) at Club Gretchen until this british guy from the Glasgow based label Numbers may be willing to release you. But one thing can be promised: his capturing sound will leave a heartache to the ground when countless soles will twirl round the dance floor!

The New World has send a delegate as well to provide the Berlin crowd with a blend of Garage-House, Hip-Hop and danceable Dubstep. From the clubs of Brooklyn to the European dancefloors…the electronic enriched R’n'B master Brenmar knows one’s stuff and takes the curled spark Mickey Pearce across the big lake to our beloved hometown. And if you’d like to take part as well, write a mail to viki(at) until saturday noon and win 2×2 freetix. Good luck!

Deadboy (Numbers/Well Rounded/UK)
Brenmar (Grizzly/Hum&Buzz/US)
Mickey Pearce (Swamp81/UK)
Delfonic (Oye Records/D)

Beppe Loda (Typhoon/IT)
Nomad (Africaine 808/D)

Saturday | 05.05.2012 | 23:30
Obentrautstraße 19-21
10963 Berlin

Event on facebook / resident advisor

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