Image Presents Pink Tapes – May 2012

The delay of our Pink-Tape releases has seemingly become a embosomed routine on our blog, that’s why we welcome the May issue now, that May’s coming to its end.
But attentive readers – and listeners – might have suspected already, the reason for the delay could be that this months mixtape is considerably slow and due to its 122 bpm we might forgive him its late arrival anyway…
Seek Zag Lazer provides his second Pink Tape, this time as his alter ego Image, bringing you some laid back Tech-House, pretty much suitable for hanging out in the Parks of Berlin and all over the rest of the world. You might do so now, and don’t forget your download before you go:

link: download Pink Tapes – May 2012 (via mediafire, 320 kbps)

1. No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar Mix)
2. The Mole – Even Now Just Us (Original)
3. Tegma – 0512 (Sonny Wharton Remix)
4. Tom Flynn – Budgie Smuggler
5. Alex Del Amo – Carabu
6. Peter Bailey – Keep On
7. Glitter – Nacho
8. Uner – Pallene
9. Popof – Blue Dream
10. Yo Montero & Ian Cris – Back Flip
11. Aka Aka – Woody Woodpecker
12. Matador (IE) – Kingswing
13. Lili et Klaus – Two Steps Forward
14. DJ Koze – Blume der Nacht

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