Bodi And Ear Caresses

We are collecting our foolish hearts, feeling the thumping pulpitations through the shallow substance of our apparel and be waiting with anticipation for lasting hours bulged with melodious splendour. Knowing that with you and the feeling of so many kindred spirits there is no sand in these hourglasses. Curiosity is what drives us, curiosity for starlit nights under a firmament of bright tones with Club Gretchen as auspicious roof. Reaching the highest grade of satisfaction, that’s what we’re leering at and Bodi Bill, object of our desire, is saturday (09.06.12) within our grasp for ear caresses. Three guys with mind-blowing sounds and fancy hairdos escort altogether with the blond and beautiful Miss Juli Holz into an evening filled with delightful tunes. Sweetest aroma follows the devotional play of Jan Mir and Thomalla to blur all of our sense perseptions. So we’ve been cast away onto an isle of double pleasure created by Duo Synchron where we’ll also run riot on Cris Urbans and Demir & Seymen‘s eletronic playgrounds. Beeing there just by ourselves and joined by our beloved, friends and like-minded we will be catching some precious snatches of memories underlined with brand new carpets of motley vibes made by The Sexinvaders and Digitate. So feel free to fall and we’ll be waiting inside to pick you up! Contended we’ll be leaving and wandering through sunday streets lost in thoughts of last night.

If you’re the ones who feel like your heart is like this from a girl/ boy from Mars, then write a mail to viki(at) and catch your 2×2 freetix. But hurry up! Time is running and will expire saturday noon at 1 o’clock!

Bodi Bill Dj-Set / Krakatau
Juli Holz live / Stil vor Talent
Thomalla / Krakatau
Jan Mir / Aromamusic
Demir & Seyman / Highgrade/Plastic City
Cris Urban

BOX 2:
The Sexinvaders / Pink-Pong
Duo Synchron / OMGITM
Digitate / Pink-Pong

Saturday | 09.06.2012 | 23:30
Obentrautstraße 19-21
10963 Berlin

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