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British-German DJ/producer Lars Moston from Berlin is a solo artist as well as one half of Moston & Malente. He also regularly collaborates with Teenage Mutants (Off Recordings) and Ben Mono (Plant Music / Compost). You can find his tracks and remixes on labels such as No Brainer, Stil Vor Talent, Nurvous, Top Billin, Audio Safari, Moonbootique and Discobelle, among others. Most recently, he was not only part of Berlin’s Über-label Stil Vor Talents‘ 100th release, but has built up his reputation with several releases like the “Two Hearts EP” on No Brainer, the “Payday EP”, the “Woodpecker EP” alongside Ben Mono and Moston & Malente’s “Booty”, with DJ support coming from the likes of Justin Martin, Andre Crom, Catz ‘N Dogz, Zombie Disco Squad, Round Table Knights, Switch and Joyce Muniz. On top of that, Lars Moston & Teenage Mutants have been sitting pretty in the Beatport Top 100 for quite a while with their remix for Edu Imbernon’s “Things I Do”, following up on their remixes of Haze-M’s “Baby Don’t Go” (Stayfly Rec.) and Mike Mago’s “The Show” (Spinnin’ Deep), which all reached the all-important Top 100 chart. And there’s a lot more in store from this team-up… Lars has been busy remixing on his own as well. Among the artists getting the Moston treatment have been Purple Disco Machine, Daniel Dexter, Human Resource, Tony Senghore, Wool, Si Begg, Jay Robinson & Supabeatz, Fort Knox 5, The Raveonettes and The Sneekers, to name a few. When DJing, Lars Moston mixes up a unique blend of cutting edge House, ranging from Deep Disco grooves to outright bangers, time and place permitting. Always combining a forward- thinking track selection with dance floor functionality, Lars has raised roofs from San Francisco to Siberia with his own brand of positive party sound.

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Lars Moston hatte kürzlich erst die große Ehre den 100sten Stil vor Talent Release mit seinem Track „French Kiss” (eine Kollaboration mit Teenage Mutants) zu feiern. Seine „Two Hearts EP“ auf Malentes Label No Brainer fand danach so illustre Supporter wie Claptone und Dirty Doering. Ansonsten kennt man den in Berlin ansässigen Deutsch-Briten von seinen Releases auf Nurvous Records, Spinnin Deep, Audio Safari, Top Billin, Stayfly, Wearhouse, Coco Machete, Moonbootique, Discobelle… 2013 waren seine Tracks und Remixes mehrfach in den Beatport Top 100 und auch in den Top 20 der Deutschen Club Charts zu finden. Zudem ist Lars Moston & Teenage Mutants mit ihrem Remix von Haze-M’s “Baby Don’t Go” einer der Hits dieses Sommers auf Ibiza gelungen. An der Seite von Malente brachte Lars bereits 2004 die erste Single/EP „In The Sky“ auf Moonbootique heraus und seitdem stehen zahlreiche Solo-Veröffentlichungen, Remixes und Kooperationen mit u.a. Teenage Mutants und Ben Mono zu Buche.
Als DJ spielt Lars Moston energiegeladene Sets zwischen Bassline-orientiertem Deep House und NuDisco mit einem ordentlichen Schuss UK-Einfluss, womit er bereits die Dancefloors von Casablanca bis Sibirien gerockt hat. In den letzten Monaten war er u.a. auf großer Kanada Tour, in ganz Europa und mit einem massiv gefeierten DJ-Set auf dem Fusion Festival unterwegs.

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Clubs National

Prince Charles (Berlin/D)
MIKZ (Berlin/D)
Magnet (Berlin/D)
Gretchen (Berlin/D)
Icon (Berlin/D)
Rosis (Berlin/D)
Tape Club (Berlin/D)
Villa (Berlin/D)
Baalsaal (Hamburg/D)
Neidklub (Hamburg/D)
Kubik (Hamburg/D)
Moonbootica (Hamburg/D)
Cosmic Club (Münster/D)
Dockland (Münster/D)
Fusion Club (Münster/D)
Loonyland (Cologne/D)
Funky Chicken Club (Cologne/D)
Tanzpalast (Bochum/D)
Musikbunker (Aachen/D)
Neon Club (Oldenburg/D)
Bobble (Munich/D)
Stamina (Ravensburg/D)
Maki (Ingolstadt/D)
Chronique Fatigue (Konstanz/D)
Wildstyle (Nürnberg/D)
Radio Libido (Freising/D)
Sweat (Leipzig/D)
Sky Club (Leipzig/D)
Charles Bronson (Halle/D)

Clubs International

Fabric (London/UK)
Inigo (London/UK)
The Egg (London/UK)
Perpetual (Birmingham/UK)
Nouveau Casino (Paris/F)
Cantiere Delirio (Milan/I)
Soundsick (Madrid/ES)
Blok (Zürich/CH)
TapTab (Schaffhausen/CH)
Coupole (Bienne/CH)
Fluc Wanne (Vienna/A)
Kapital (Lissabon/POR)
Bazaar (Porto/POR)
Sugar Factory (Amsterdam/NL)
Watt Club (Rotterdam/NL)
SMAK (Gent/BE)
Radost FX (Prag/CZ)
Suzi Wong (Moscow/RUS)
Rock City (Novosibirsk/RUS)
Beach Club (Kiev/UKR)
Electro Pop (Los Angeles/USA)
TRBL (San Francisco/USA)
Maxx Fish (Whistler/CAN)
Pop Opera (Vancouver/CAN)
B-Rock (Casablanca/MA)
Fellah (Marrakesh/MA)
B.A.U.K (Nis/RS)

Played Events

Melt! Festival (Ferropolis/D)
Nature One Festival (D)
Fusion Festival (Lärz/D)
Sziget Festival (Budapest/HU)
Sputnik Spring Break (D)
Stereo City Festival (Ferropolis/D)
Echo Award After-Show (Berlin/D)
Festival de las artes (Salamanca/ESP)

Played together with

Fukkk Offf
Boys Noize
Alter Ego
Boris Dlugosch
Sascha Braemer
Sven Väth
Shir Khan
Joyce Muniz
DJ Koze
Oliver $


Moston & Malente

“Booty” [No Brainer Rec.], tba 2012
Oh My God / I Go Round” [No Brainer Rec.], 2010
Do The Right Thing” [Splank! Rec.], 2008
F*cked Up” [Splank! Rec.], 2008
The 2 And Only” [Splank! Rec.], 2006
“Crowdrock/Tight With You” [Moonbootique Rec.], 2005
In The Sky“ [Moonbootique Rec.], 2004

Lars Moston

Too Much Party Time EP” [No Brainer], July 2011
Jack It” [Freakz Me Out], 2008
“What Now” [Kisu Music], 2008
“Ever Since I Heard The Sound” [Plastique Base Rec.], 2007
So Bad / No Stopping Us” [Erase Rec.], 2007
“We Like This” [Hammarskjöld], 2007

Lars Moston & Ben Mono

Can’t Stop / People” [Top Billin], 2011
Lars Moston & Breakfastklub
Organik” [Coco Machete], 2011
Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar
So Sick” [Wearhouse Rec.], 2009

The Killergroove Formula

“Territory: World – The Remixes” (LP) [Lounge Rec.], 2009
“Out Of Money” [Lounge Rec.], 2007
“Territory: World” (LP) [Lounge Rec.], 2006
“Please Mr Groove” [Lab-Rok], 2006
“Peter Gunn (Turntable Detective)” [Lounge Rec.], 2005
“Killergroove Uppercut” [MUTO Rec.], 2005
“The Last House Song” [Trust Your Tribe Rec.], 2005
“Keep On Burnin’” [Lounge Rec.], 2005


Stereoyouth – You (Lars Moston Remix) [Pink Pong], 2012
Teenage Mutants – Liberté (Lars Moston Remix) [Moveltraxx], 2012
Smalltown DJs – Loving The Vibe (Lars Moston Remix) [T&A], 2012
Dro & Lodzy – Paradis Artificieux (Lars Moston Remix) [Absolut Freak], 2012
D’ Secret SVC – Alley Cat (Lars Moston Remix) [Coco Machete], 2011
Teenage Mutants – Bangla (Lars Moston Remix) [Discobelle], 2011
Sneekers – Green City Lights (Lars Moston Remix) [Pink Pong], 2011
HeCan – Diskotek (Lars Moston Remix) [Television Rocks], 2010
Tony Senghore – Burnin (Lars Moston Remix) [Horehaus], 2010
Say What?! – Ya Hear Me (Lars Moston Remix) [Venga Digital], 2010
Knixx – Ekkotech (Lars Moston Remix) [Be Bonkerz], 2010
DJ Wool – The Dark Snuggler (Lars Moston Remix) [We Collect Enemies], 2010
Nachlader – Nahause (Lars Moston Remix) [Boing Boing Rec.], 2010
Robb G – 12 Inch Therapy (Lars Moston Remix) [Promo Rec.], 2010
Jay Robinson & Supabeatz – Rasp (Lars Moston Remix) [Hypotron], 2009
HeCan – Namedropping (Lars Moston Remix) [Television Rocks], 2009
Jason Sparks – The One Eyed Man (Lars Moston Remix) [Contrabass], 2009
Näd Mika – To The Max (Lars Moston’s Maximal Remix) [Madame Visage], 2009
Human Resource – Dominator (Lars Moston Remix) [Crux], 2008
Andrew Friendly – The Bump And Grind (Lars Moston Remix) [Gulp Communications], 2008
Si Begg – Better Living Through Distortion (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix) [Noodles], 2008
Daniel Dexter – Train In Vain (Lars Moston Remix) – [We Are Playtime], 2008
Fil OK – Bitch Disco (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix) [OK Music], 2008
Raveonettes – Dead Sound (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix) [Vice], 2008
Die Türen – Indie Stadt (Lars Moston Remix) [Staatsakt], 2008
Ursula 1000 “Hello! Let’s Go To The Disco” (Moston & Malente’s Electric Disco Remix) [ESL], 2008
Torpedo Boyz – “Start Being Nicer” (Killergroove Formula N-I-C-E-R Remix) [Lounge Rec.], 2005
Malente – “We Came to Party” (The Killergroove Formula Remix) [Unique], 2004



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